We provide Foreign language translations and resources on demand for the most of Foreign Languages.

We have Exclusive Foreign Language expert in the Following languages.



1. English
2. Portuguese
3. Spanish
4. German
5. French
6. Italian

7. Japanese
8. Chinese
9. Indonesian
10. Hindi



We provide services related to foreign languages technical translations in diverse fields. we adapt a unique methodology to employ core expert group for a perticular project in translations.

Our Process of Translation

We have several translators to handle English > Foreign Language and vice versa translations. Our process mainly consists of Translation, Proofreading And Quality Checks.

Methodology adopted in the particular work for translation

Translation Methodology
1. The Work Evaluation

The work is evaluated to decide about the industry vertical for instance: IT, legal, Automobile, Medical, Telecom, Technical, Engineering, Market Research etc. Analysis for the time period required to complete the work.
2. Choosing Expert Group

On the evaluation of the work and degree of technicality the Expert Group to be involved into the translation of the documents is decided.
3. Glossary Preparation

The expert group in consultation with the client decides about the list of common usage words to be uniformly used through out the documents.
4. Division of Work

Once the common usage list is in place the work is assigned with in the expert group for the translations.
5. Proof Readings

After the translation is complete the expert group crosschecks the documents with the common word list and does the proof reading of the same.
6. Compilations

The translated document is compiled as per the original document and securitized as for any omissions and errors. Corrections are made and the final work is delivered to the clients.

We can work on the further process to provide the quality check of the translations done as per the requirements of the clients. Our stringent quality norms to be followed by the Natives and Expert Faculty Group to validate the document to ensure the requisition are fully complied and hence the work is ready for usage.



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